AFR BOSS Roundtable: The secrets of innovation

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My illustration kicks off the AFR BOSS article

My illustration kicks off the AFR BOSS article

Today’s AFR BOSS features my graphic recording and follow-up illustration work from a recent fantastic roundtable discussion and subsequent article on “The Secrets of Innovation”. Speakers included thought leaders from ARUP, Jumptank, Aegis, SBS, Cap Gemini, UTS, Australian Design Centre and GE. My role included being the graphic recorder (or ‘visual note-taker’) on the day and you can see a photo of me within the article in action capturing the essence of the discussion in pictures on a large poster. I listened intently to the discussion and drew ‘live’ the big ideas, issues, opportunities and broad themes that were being covered in the discussion – the result being a 2.5m x 1m poster, which acts as a creative visual record and group memory tool to spark further thinking, ideas and conversation beyond the roundtable. I then worked with the editor of AFR BOSS, Joanne Gray, to distil the best points from my graphic recording poster into an illustration for inclusion in the article. The roundtable took place at the wonderful Object Gallery in Sydney.

AFR BOSS_illustration close up_Guy Downes

A close up of my illustration in AFR BOSS today

AFR BOSS panel_graphic recording poster_Guy Downes

My graphic recording poster (2.5m x 1m) capturing the essence of the discussion at the event.

AFR BOSS_detail_Guy Downes

The middle photo shows me graphic recording just to the side of the panel discussion

The Object Gallery_panel table and graphic recording poster

The venue beforehand with my graphic recording poster on the back wall

AFR BOSS Innovation Roundtable_web_Guy Downes

The AFR BOSS website with a small icon of my illustration to draw attention to the article

The turnaround of McDonald’s Australia: Peter Bush

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Peter Bush: visual notes – page 1

These are my visual notes drawn during a presentation by Peter Bush, formerly CEO of McDonald’s Australia, at the Tamworth Business Chamber lunch in aid of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Peter’s presentation was riveting – full of business ideas, lessons learnt and top tips. Peter talked about his experience in turning around McDonald’s Australia and how he and his team helped propel McDonald’s Australia to be the best performing McDonald’s business globally for five consecutive years. The aim of my visual notes is to help remind me of some of the golden nuggets of advice Peter shared so that in 2 hours, 2 days, 2 months or 2 years time I can think back and remember the “essence” of what he said. Call it my own visual memory tool.


Peter Bush: visual notes – page 2

Peter Bush: visual notes – page 3

Peter Bush: visual notes – page 4

Peter Bush: visual notes – page 5


The Holy Trinity of public relations: illustrations

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Illustraton: strategic alliances

I recently contributed two illustrations to Craig Pearce Strategic Communication’s latest white paper titled: The Holy Trinity of public relations: thought leadership, 3rd party credibiilty, strategic alliances.

Illustration: thought leadership

Left and right brain

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Here are two of my illustrations of the left and right side of the brain that were featured on the front and back covers of a Retained Neonatal Reflexes (RNR) booklet by Susan Walker and Keith Keen. RNR is a revolutionary approach to treating children with learning difficulties and behavioural problems.


A double shot of ideas and insights

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Visual notes #1: Peter Irvine

There’s nothing better than starting the day listening to an inspirational speaker. Today at Tamworth’s Chamber of Commerce business breakfast briefing Peter Irvine, the co-founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffee, provided a double shot of business ideas, energy, insights and advice. As with all good presenters, Peter captivated the audience with real-life stories and experiences. Truly a case of re-living his experiences, not re-telling them. Making a connection, not shovelling out content to the audience. Here are my rough visual notes drawn furiously while listening intently and trying to scoff down the great breakfast at the All Seasons hotel.

Visual notes #2: Peter Irvine


Visual notes #3: Peter Irvine


My Time, Our Place: illustrated poster

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Working closely with the team at Network of Community Activities, I created this bright, energetic and activity filled poster for the National Out of School Hours Services Association (NOSHSA). The My Time, Our Place – Framework for School Age Care in Australia will ensure that children in school age care will have opportunities to engage in leisure and play-based experiences which are responsive to the needs, interests, and choices of the children attending the service and contribute fully to their ongoing development.

Network of Community Activities is committed to helping promote quality community based services for school aged children, including children with disabilities.

Learning the Alphabet of the Human Heart

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I’ve mentioned Matthew Johnstone before and it was great to have him back speaking at Tamworth City Library last week about his book: The Alphabet of the Human Heart. This page shows the visual notes I sketched while he was talking. You can tell when a speaker makes a connection with the audience – while talking, I looked around to see people (unaware to themselves) nodding, ‘hmmming’ in agreement or simply zoned in on what was being said. Matthew was definitely working his storytelling magic, helped by his pictures.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Matthew and was co-written with his long time friend, James Kerr. The book is described as: ‘A handbook for the happy, and a bible for the broken hearted, The Alphabet of the Human Heart is an enchanting and enriching journey through the upside and the downside of what it means to be human – our hopes and fears, our strengths and our weaknesses, our highs and our lows. It is an A to Zen of how we feel’.

Cartoons for Canon ‘Change or be left behind’ research

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Canon Business Imaging Australia recently released a research report titled: ‘Change or be left behind’. According to Canon, ‘change is something that the majority of Australian businesses strive for yet find difficult to achieve’. The research examined Australian businesses’ approach and attitude towards change in the workplace. I contributed seven cartoons to the report which depicted light-hearted scenarios highlighting the qualities that were needed to help drive change (as identified in the research). If you’re interested in downloading the report and viewing all my cartoons, please visit:



Change or be left behind: the report front cover

Welcome to Mosworth

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Welcome to Mosworth – this is one of my favourite illustrations that I created last year for a Microsoft Online Services booklet. The picture is full of colour, activity and things to look at.  The story booklet (called: “Mr Fix I.T. – the everyday hero for small business”) highlighted how computing can be simple for small to medium sized businesses with Microsoft Online Services. You can read the full case study here.

Kellogg turns to Twitter

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As reported in mUmBRELLA, “Kellogg is looking for an agency to handle its public relations, and is using Twitter to aid its search in what the brand believes is the first time the medium has been used for this purpose”. A great idea that sparked my latest cartoon.

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